What Not To Wear

I‘ve been reading a lot about why millennials resist advertising, and how different generations have responded to it. If advertising doesn’t work on our generation, then it must have worked on previous generations. There has to be a bar worth comparing us to.

So, why did it work before? Why does it not work now? What has changed?

I have a lot of theories around these questions. I started thinking about how millennials are obsessed with being unique, but they don’t tend to go to places that are unique. They gravitate towards places with a certain aesthetic. All of the boutiques cities are known for; the weird side paths and unique stores, these aren’t places that millennials actually go. They are much more likely to buy online or to go to Target.

Don’t you hate how that sunset ruins that Target logo?

It is by design that fashion has become this way. In that sense, corporations set our agenda, and such, our limited options take away from that which we desire so much to espouse: our individuality. When falling into this trap, millennials have two options: become overwhelmed with angst, or seek to love the irony. So, I think the millenial’s love of irony really belies their pluckiness.

But I digress. I think that millennials need the ability to have an index that is searchable in order to be motivated to buy from a place. Our lack of an easily searchable index means that we demand to be managed, so Target and similar places continue to get our business.

If we can’t find it online, if we can’t pop it into Google and drive there, if we can’t see the prices of what the shop is selling online, we aren’t going to go. Period. It’s not that we don’t want to – it literally doesn’t exist to us. It is a non-place. The only thing that we really need in order to buy is a thorough index.

These indices will come in thousands of different new formats, but if you are looking to invest in a business, I think you need to be keeping your eyes on the pulse of indexing technology. This has been helpful hints with Cassandra, futurist extraordinaire.

Photo Credits: Dear hipsters… by Lars K Jensen
Target by Mike Mozart

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