What Does Change Require?

My junior year of college, I wrote a sermon to give my church. It was a lovely little church called Lakeshore Baptist church, although they weren’t affiliated with the main Baptist association. The church was wonderful – a female pastor, progressive ideas towards ministry, and a fundamental belief in doubt being part of faith.

I wanted to include the sermon I wrote as an homage to the days when my faith was much different, but also to share the quiet beauty of how belief impacted my life.

What Does Change Require?

What does change require? At first I thought resilience. It seemed to me necessary to have the ability to pick up all the pieces of brokenness change incurs, but not all change is monstrous, and thus not all change requires resilience.

My second thought was willingness. Logic has it that for one to change, one must want to change. But I thank God everyday that a change does not require willingness, because if that were the case my body would never heal without my consent, my heart would never repair after it was broken, and certainly my so called finer accomplishments wouldn’t have unfolded as beautifully as they could have. There are simply too many things I don’t know about to be willing for all of them to happen.

My last real argument for what change requires would have to be time. Yes, we need time to heal. Time to adjust, time to adapt. But I know in my heart, and probably in some of yours too, God has let certain portions of me free, and that change came in an instance. I know that a wrong impression faded away instantly once I had all the facts. I know that I decided never to touch a hot stove again after the first time I burned myself on one. Change. Instant.

So what does change require? I’m beginning to think I’m looking at it all wrong. Something in me keeps saying change is moving away from something in order to distance myself from a bad decision, to create something better for the future, or to follow my intuition and curiosity and explore. It’s not that I disagree with those actions, but I think the fundamental base from which I am making my assumption needs to be realigned.

Change doesn’t have to do with moving away from something or moving to something. It has to do with movement. Movement in the way a ballet isn’t about what direction the dancers are going in, but simply about each tiny, natural and calculated movement that happens in their body and soul once their hear their cue in the music. Movement in the way the trees sway in the wind and reach so far, but somehow stay perfectly where they’re at and perfectly and completely themselves. Movement in the way that laughter bubbles up from inside of us and spills out without limit.

Tree in Wind

Change is simply movement that we interpret through the lens of imagination.

Photo Credits: Corps de Ballet by Patrick McDonald

Originally penned May 2010.

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