Thinking Individual

I just don’t think it’s too much to ask.
I can’t explain it
But it’s time for some figurative language.

Allegory, simile, and hyperbole,
Cannot possibly justify
The parallels between the we
The I, the you and he
I just don’t think it’s too much to ask
For some fairy tale magic on me.
It’s the things you do when you’re
Thinking about doing something else.
They change your life.
Get into your head and rearrange
The memories of what
You thought happened but
It turns out
It was only another fantasy
Brought on by end of night dreams
That snapped from reality
And substituted their normality
For the truth that you accepted, see
Life is what you thought it was
That day in the park,
But things turned around
When you woke up
And your eyelids actually reversed from shut
Now you’re lost at a loss for what
Happened in the hours that you stopped.

The rhythmic soliloquy
Broke the meter of dependency
Night shifted to light
And the light shifted to gray.
It’s just another washed up half-life red-marks sort of day.
It’s just another bad weather, whether you can weather through another day.
Twisting gliding not subsiding
To the subversive day
Claiming that it’s just an hour
More until you may
Retreat to your corner the only mental state
Of night that gives rest
And sweet relief from pressure
Raises questions about real
And what is not it’s not
Your choice to say how
Much you will absorb or
Say your worth is worth
More than his or mine
Or theirs or hers.
It’s not for you to say that you can
Learn that you can
Smile how much you can
How far you go it’s only
Halfly what you duly noted
When you gave up on chasing
Things you knew you’d never get.
Now you’re upset.
But don’t forget.
Your name – the one to blame.

Originally Written Fall 2006
Featured Image: Tactile Metronome Persistence of Vision by Mat_the_W

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