From the BBC – History’s Greatest Technopanics

BBC's Panic O Meter

Ever feel a sense of cultural déjà vu with all the panic around new technologies? The BBC does a great job of breaking down all the times our new developments have given us a sense of dread at the preponderance of our race. Fear not, dear reader, with the first panic in 400 B.C., we have a long history of reconciling our fears with our technological ambitions.

After Bell’s telephone patent, people feared that eve spirits could travel down the wire. Lightning can. But evil spirits can’t.

5 Things About Skyrim You Never Noticed

Ihave spent around 600 hours in Skyrim since the game first came out in 2011. I suspect that number might actually be far greater. In anticipation for the new release, I started playing again.

It must have been the shiny modded version vs. my old XBOX360 memories that inspired these observations, because certain idiosyncrasies of the game started to click with me this time around. Here are some of my favorite realizations.