Love With No Object

I feel a love in my heart that, at its strongest and its most solid, doesn’t have any specific object to which it’s attached. I can express my love for my wife, but I can also express a very similar love, if not the same love, for you, who I have barely met, and say I feel a connection to you and feel a love for you, in some way, which is great, because right now my wife is 500 miles away from here. She’s visiting her family in Idaho and I’m in Philadelphia, and it’d be a real bummer if all my love were wrapped up in her, all my sense of being completed with a relationship was tied to being physically with her.

But when I have this sense of what Rumi calls a love with no object, then it just sits peacefully inside my heart, and then whatever I come in contact with – whether that’s another human being, if it’s a squirrel, if it’s my wife, my God, if it’s the leaves on the tree that I’m touching right now – it just feels peaceful and stable and kind of indestructible.

Every Tear You Cry

If you had the chance to read yesterday’s post, then you learned about one evolutionary philosophy about crying. It really pairs well, then, to read about how our tears are linked to the ocean, to our environment, and to the world.

We are inextricably tied to the oceans in ways we often don’t consider. As science journalist Alanna Mitchell has written:  “Every tear you cry … ends up back in the ocean system. Every third molecule of carbon dioxide you exhale is absorbed into the ocean. Every second breath you take comes from the oxygen produced by plankton

Alanna Mitchell

Photo Credits: waterman75

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Stunning Performance – Kishi Bashi

One of the most awe-inspiring artists I have ever had the delight of stumbling upon, Kishi Bashi’s live performances are always charged with electricity. His unique combination of symphonic composition mixed with modern looping technology creates a sound unlike anything I’ve ever heard. This is my favorite performance of his, and I wanted to share it to celebrate the gorgeous Spring weather upon us.