A Skyrim Romance

So, my boyfriend recently started playing Oblivion after he ordered a steam controller for his birthday. It reminded me how much I love Oblivion and how much I hate Skyrim.

I’ve sunk probably 500+ hours into Skyrim, if not more, and I’m just realizing I hate it. Does anyone else have a similar masochistic relationship with this drab AF game?

At any rate, my Skyrim Altmer character, Eralian, just got married to Rayya in the most adorable gay wedding Skyrim has ever seen. Seriously. I spent all day enchanting my clothes in preparation for the big day, and I have screenshots to prove it.

She Said Yes!
She Said Yes!

I tried to make each enchantment match something you would need in a real relationship (yes, I’m a bit extra) and it’s seriously just too cute.

I started with the Wedding Robes of Cheer – a set of fine clothes that give the player a hearty health boost of 30 points. To Good Health and Good Cheer!

Wedding Clothes of Cheer

On top of that, I created the Amulet of Amelioration – a gorgeous diamond necklace with a resto boost for those tough fights that just won’t seem to end.

Amulet of Amelioration

Crowning my head was a silver and sapphire Circlet of Celebration – a nice boost to alchemy so that we’d always mix well together. Get it?!

Circlet of Celebration

Next is probably my favorite addition to my wedding outfit – the Extra Pair of Hands! An affectionate name for any true boo. A Extra Pair of Hands is there to help bear the burden of life’s difficulties.

Extra Pair of Hands

And Last but certainly not Least: I made a Wetting Ring. Yes, you heard me right. I sacrificed my Wedding Ring for a TERRIBLE pun.

The stat boosts… wait for it… underwater breathing! For those times in a relationship when you feel like you are drowning but your partner helps you get through it. FINE, I accept I can’t make that pun romantic. Still worth it though.

Wetting Ring

Teldryn, my secret admirer, was noticeably deflated by my recent marriage, so I gave him some Snow Elf armor and he just looks dapper, doesn’t he?

Teldryn Sexy

Also, you have to see the person who did Teldryn’s voice for Skryim. It’s awesomely hilarious to me that this is the man behind the pure sex of Mr. Sero. Dan Donohue, I salute you.

Anywhosits, I just wanted to let you know that my Skyrim characters are better than yours. :P But now that I have access to Oblivion, well, looks like Rayya and Teldryn will just have to lump it alone for a while.

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