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Did anyone else write scientific journals for themselves as a child? I’m pretty sure I might be alone in this regard. I found one of these journals while visiting my family a few years ago, and they are always worth a decent laugh. 

Cassandra the Dora
For the record, this Dora-looking 7-year-old is the girl who wrote the letter you are about to read.

For the past few months, I have been studying the way people blink. Some people Blink like something just hit them, some people don’t blink for long periods of times, and some people blink at random, slowly, normally.

There are many ways to inquire something just by our eyes. Such as when someone says please! And blinks their eyes really fast. That would inquire something or if you put your hands on your hips and blink your eyes, that would hint anger or sarcasm.

This is called body language. Also eyes help us to see. Your eye color is determined by the color of your parents eyes, but if one parent has brown eyes and one has blue your eyes are likely to be brown.

This is just some of what I’ve learned by studying the way people blink. I also learned that your eyes dilate to adjust to the kind of light there is. For instance, if you’re in the dark your pupils (part of your eyes) get big but if you’re in the light it’s just the opposite. Well, I hope you’ve learned a lot on my editorial.

Report on Eyes
Proof if any of you ever doubted my child prodigiousness.

Here’s to another episode in examining the strange path that has been my development. Cheers if you’re still with me.

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