Poll: Your Experience With News Media

Early this morning, I made a comment about a politician on the TV in the communal kitchen at my work place. The comment was nothing political and was (mostly) just a passing comment. One of my smart, middle-aged coworkers immediately responded to me, “Oh, I don’t watch the news. Every time I turn on the news it just makes me angry. I have better things to do with my time.”

She is completely correct in her assessment of the news. While this is understandable, the fact that it is so easy to relate to suggests that the news media has lost legitimacy in our eyes, among other things.

So I wanted to know, what happens when you engage with the news media? What emotions surface?

How Does Hearing/Seeing The News Make You Feel?

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  • I know this is an anonymous poll, but I wanted to share my thoughts. I answered “sad, angry, and motivated,” and very intentionally did not answer “informed.”
    The news media in large part works the same way as click-bait, even in a medium such as TV where there’s nothing to click. Why? Because they’re still funded by advertisers, and each show is voted into existence by the people paying for it based on whether they think it will sell enough Charmin Ultra. Because of this, it’s rarely informative, and even less frequently uplifting. If people were happy, they wouldn’t watch so much TV.
    The news stories that do reach my ears are usually to let me know that some attempt at social justice failed yet again. I’m not a negative person, but if I took in more news media there would be no way around me becoming one.