Our Relationship to Learning

I wonder what learning looked like before the Internet. There are the obvious scenarios that come to mind; a woman in a poodle skirt in a library. A family gathered around the living room radio cupping their ears in anticipation. A tall man with slicked back hair nodding emphatically to a stern but wise professor pointing a stick to a board. Well, that’s what I imagine.

Do This Then That: Calm Yourself

Welcome to the second installment of Do This Then That! This is a series geared towards those who have little time or enthusiasm to plan, but still want to experience the beauty of the city.

If you’re new, check out my first post: Recharge Your Soul. The gist is that I compile lists that encapsulate the best pairing of what Austin has to offer (complete with added costs) so that you can just come to the site and start living your best life

Love Letter From The Sky

Part book review, part earnest love letter, this piece of writing is very close to my heart. I often find myself wistfully inspired when I’m traveling. I had the great pleasure of reading Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro (rented from Austin Public Library!) in one sitting on the plane. Originally composed as a text I couldn’t send, this love letter 2.0 will hopefully strike a chord regardless of your romantic affiliation. Enjoy!