Natural Inclination

It’s less about changing fate these days, if fate exists

It’s simply about being who I am

I am tired of trying to change the way things are; I am too rigid and it is the cause of my heartache.

I simply want to be me in every capacity, and that means allowing myself to think what I naturally think instead of fighting, always fighting, this transience.

I would love a thousand times if each love was as sweet as this.

Loss is temporary

And I don’t mind it too much.

What reason is there to keep a sunset in a photo or a painting? Surely looking back could never be as sweet as looking at the one currently blooming, even if similarity exists only in name.

I simply want to see with my own eyes, and feel that moment

And later remember it when I am yet another beautiful moment, and enjoy both at the same time again, until each sunset is a thousand sunsets and each song a thousand songs all woven together into one.

This brings me joy

And sadness

And they are both the same, really

In that they endure when nothing else does, and serve to bring me close to my body, closer to the present, closer to all there is in time.

All souls are jealous of who we have reincarnated into, with our friendship. Our stories are told all throughout the ephemera as legends of love and adventure and happiness. Our love is the dying wish of thousand lonely souls.

I know this because I once was that lonely soul, and worked my whole life to be reborn into your presence.

But with heart filled and mind alight, is there anything better than to be reborn again into our love?

 The Morning After — Image by © Frans Schmit

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