Human Communication

From a perspective of self-preservation, all actions are justifiable. All actions can contain peace.

If a situation arises in which I feel disloyalty and disrespect, I have no issues enacting whatever consequences necessary in order to free myself of the offense.

I am not someone who takes the offenses lightly. Even if we previously had years of friendship, hours spent establishing trust, great conversations, and emotional support. Even within the presence of these things, it still doesn’t take much to destroy them all with a moment of callous behavior.

Christianity never instilled a desire for forgiveness within this heart.

And the strange thing about this destruction is the response that happens deep within my bones.

It settles like sediment at the bottom of a stream.

If this is who you choose to be, then what reason do I have to pursue who you are becoming?

Unless you attempt to prove your worth again (newsflash: you never will), I have no qualms about burning that bridge.

I suppose wealth disparity had to prove us more different than alike eventually.

Men band with men of similar economic and superficial status – it’s not even their decision. These poor blind apes are biologically disposed to follow the power they perceive in other blind apes.

I’ve said it once, twice, three times making it true within my heart and mind.

Evolution has failed men in modernity. I, woman, am just resigned to the status of object.

An object that once used up, serves little functional purpose anymore.

What would the discarded object choose if it could make a choice?

Would it stay in the hands of the one that no longer sees its worth?

From this perspective, near and dear to my heart, I would answer that the object would find a new place to nestle until a new purpose could soon be revealed.

Is my soul any different?

Bottle dome inside — Image by © Athanasius

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