Freedom has come to mean choice. It has less to do with the human spirit than with different brands of deodorant. -Arundhati Roy, Field Notes on Democracy
 Is there a point when we can stop and say, ‘Okay, I get it. Enough. I’m done.’
What is my responsibility in all of this? In my quest for knowledge?
Once knowledge gained – goal completed?
Put it down, let it be, be forever free! Because now I Know! I Know like I know thereabouts the jelly beans in the jar. Yes there’s more to know, a preciseness I can never gain, but good on me for trying.
I Know! Like I know thereabouts the number of hairs on my head or where my home is in relation to me when I’m wandering in a foreign place.
I know in the approximate way that gives me comfort but once pressed, would leave me speechless as the difference by my approximation and the truth.
A curious thing, once discovered, and inconsequential.
I Know. I Know. I know, you don’t have to tell me.
I know. I know. I heard. I read something about it. Heard someone mention it. So, I know. Enough. Enough. Please no more, I know already. Don’t talk to me about it more. I don’t want to think about it. I know.
My knowledge makes it okay for me to not want to Know. But do I know? Or do I simply assuage my own ego?
Can we, the intellectuals, in good conscience, with good morals, in good faith ever say we’ve had enough of our human right and civic responsibility to the Truth? It is our cross to bear. But what can come of our encumbrance?
Better posed: What will happen if we put it down?

Photo Credits: soma dispenser by Troy McCullough

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