Café La Dueña

I have recently been buying this brand of coffee which surprises me with every delicious cup. I was so impressed with how delicious it was that I researched it. The story behind the coffee is even more surprising. Read about this coffee guys, it’s amazing.

For Dora Lisa, coffee isn’t just a source of income – it’s a way of life. But most of all, it’s a way to create opportunities for the women in her community. And to her, the cooperative’s support of women has been crucial. “Women have always been discriminated against,” says Dora Lisa. “But when I joined APROCASSI in 2006, I saw this new reality. A reality where women could work, could advance. A reality where women could have power.”

Austin Stands Up To Corporate Bullying

A quote from Reuters on the Prop 1 debate that raged in Austin this week: “On-demand ride companies have spent millions of dollars ahead of a Saturday vote to overturn a measure mandating fingerprinting for their drivers in Austin, Texas, a sign they are willing to play hardball politics with cities pursuing such requirements.

Campaign finance records show that Ridesharing Works for Austin, a lobby group financed almost exclusively by Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] and Lyft, had collected more than $8 million in contributions and spent $5.4 million in opposition of the fingerprint ordinance as of the end of April.

In contrast, the group backing fingerprinting had spent about $83,000 of its $100,000 in campaign contributions, the records show.”

Do This Then That: Recharge Your Soul

For those who would love to see this gorgeous city but have little time or enthusiasm to plan, I am starting a new series geared just towards you. It’s called “Do This Then That” and is exactly as simple as it sounds. I’ll compile lists that encapsulate the best pairing of what Austin has to offer (complete with added costs) so that you can just come HowCanOne and start living your best life.

Women’s Equality Day

I originally wrote this for International Women’s Day 2015, but in honor of Women’s Equality Day 2016, I’m going to suck it up and post this piece of writing. I’ve been afraid to share my thoughts on this subject for years, false visions of my male readers leaving me behind, never to hear my words again. But my words are not for them, or even for you. They are for me, and for women, and for us.