5 Trees You Should Meet in Austin

I love Austin, and when I first moved here, the city had a reputation for being filled with tree-hugging hippies. I have yet to meet any tree huggers, but I have met some amazing trees. They’ve got as much character as the residents!

Mother Tree at Sol Yoga
The “Mother Tree” is a gorgeous oak outside of Sol Yoga on Kerbey Lane. She may not have the glitz of some of these other trees, but she more than makes up for it in personality. If you’re the type to “commune” with trees, be wary! This tree does not mess around. She tells you what you need to know and tends to be a little bold. My suggestion: drop by and say hi. She may surprise you. Then go get some pancakes at the original Kerbey Lane Cafe! Win win.

Mother Tree
She’s a Beaut!

Trees at Green Pastures Austin
A south Austin treasure, Green Pastures is a historic site known for its delectable brunches and stunning venue. Strolling through the gardens during the day, you’ll be likely to see their Albino Peacock perching on one of the kind old trees. At night, the lights ensconced around the branches perfectly illuminate the lawn for a romantic getaway or a magical evening stroll. These trees are definitely not to be missed.

Green Pastures
Which is prettier, the albino peacock or the gnarled oak?

Zilker Holiday Tree
Okay, so technically this isn’t the type of tree you may expect on this list. But the Zilker Holiday Tree an Austin icon either way, and the finale of Austin’s holiday fanfare, the Trail of Lights. At 155 feet tall and over 3000 total lights, this once-a-year beauty is a perfect way to celebrate the season. Built around one of Austin’s legendary moontowers, this tree has been a part of Austin’s history for nearly 50 years, and hopefully many more to come.

Zilker Holiday Tree
As real as anything else!

Wedding Tree
At Commons Ford Park, there’s a giant ole oak that’s a popular destination for brides-to-be as they pose amongst the tangled, exposed roots. The Wedding Tree is nestled by a house at the park, welcoming and oh so inviting for a mid-stroll climb.

Commons Ford Park is a bit of a trek away from Austin proper, so be sure to plan accordingly if you wish to adventure out to meet this fine Austin tree.

Wedding Tree
Mawwaige is what bwings us hewe togevah today.”

Treaty Oak
Tucked away near the outskirts of downtown is a small park known for the last remaining member of the Council Oak Trees. The grove originally had 14 trees and served as a sacred meeting ground for both the Comanche and Tonkawa tribes for centuries. Treaty Oak is the last of this great legacy, and has even been awarded the title of Most Perfect Specimen of a North American Tree. Sadly, vandalism in the 80s has diminished the tree’s 127 foot reach, but the tree thrives to this day, a reminder of the grit necessary to bear the trials of living in Texas.

Treaty Oak
I admire this tree more than I do most people.

Final Thoughts
If you’re anything like me, you might feel more comfortable with trees than people. These trees have never steered me wrong. Feel free to post more tree-friends should you discover them! 

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