10 Things You Forgot You Used To Do in Austin

Austin is a diverse city with many types of people. Some new, some old. Some love the thought of new people coming in, some loathe it. This article is not about any of that – it’s simply about what we used to be able to do in Austin. I hope it resonates with you! :)

Danced at the broken spoke without a view of several high rises

Man Dancing

There used to be so much … space!

Correctly estimated the time it would take to get somewhere  


I said I would be there 20 minutes ago… whoops.

Hitch your horse before entering the bar… wait I think I went back too far

Woman on Horse

JK, I’m sure it still happens in this city.

Got excited about music festivals

Bob's Burgers

The shows were just so…intimate back then, bruh

Thought BMXers were just the coolest

BMX Biker

Sure BMX was everywhere, but no one did it better than Austin

Nervously glance behind you in the romance section at I Luv Video

Funny Cat

Which you can still do, BTW!

Call Lady Bird Lake Town Lake

Arrested Development

Srsly… when did it change again?

Crammed for a test at 3:00 am at Spiderhouse

IT Crowd

It used to be open 24 hours!

Drive by Butter Krust just for the smells

Bread Man

Sometimes I think I can still smell it, drifting on the wind…

Vote for Kinky!

Vote 30 Rock

Buttttt I still wanna vote. KINKY! KINKY!

But Some Things Never Change

UT Tower

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